Alumni Sharing

Since 2002, EPYMT has nurtured various local and international school students. Many of them learnt the mathematics taught in EPYMT courses with enjoyment and enlightenment. Here we share some encouraging opinions of students and parents.

Parent of a student, K. CHOW, 2011

.The program has been a rewarding experience for my son. His professors, especially Professor Au, were engaging and helped him develop his passion for math and learning. I found he has matured a lot over the summer, becoming more responsible and independent. EPYMT has made a positive impact on his knowledge and personal development.・

Parent of a student, Mrs. WONG, 2011

'EPYMT offers precious opportunity for junior form students to enhance their interests and broaden their horizon in mathematics. Thanks to the rich and challenging content of the courses and the interesting and inspiring teachings of the professors, my son has since then built up determination to pursue further in mathematics study.'

Korean student, AHN Yong Jin, 2011

.It was a great experience to be a member of the EPYMT summer course on number theory at CUHK. The contents taught were up to the university standards in terms of their rigors. As a person who aspires to study mathematics further in university, it was very enjoyable to study things that are normally not dealt with in high school. The teaching assistants were very knowledgeable and were skillful in their teaching methods. As the course was taught in Cantonese, I wasn・t able to understand some parts of the lectures. However, the teaching assistants were very nice to approach me and answer any questions that I had. I am very content with professor Charles Li's lectures and the EPYMT program in general, and I personally would recommend it to any high school students interested in mathematics.・

Local student, FUNG Dalton Yin-Nam, 2011

.EPYMT also serves as a platform for students to exchange their knowledge and share their experiences. By joining this programme, I have met a lot of friends who share common interests.・
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Local student, HO Sze Man, 2011

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Overseas student, Colman YAU Ho Man, 2011

I took part in the course of EPYMT, :Towards Differential Geometry; in last summer. I have learnt some interesting math which has never been taught in the curriculum I study in UK. Also, I have a chance to try tertiary education in CUHK. With no doubt, the math I learnt in EPYMT course is difficult and abstract. During the course, the teaching assistants, who mostly are the third-year undergraduates, provided plenty of aid to me. They are very friendly and energetic so that the tutorial sessions were not dull at all. I relished this valuable opportunity of studying math in that summer. It is a wonderful chance for secondary school students who are eager for gaining advanced mathematical knowledge. Last but not least, it is an awesome and playful course which you will never think it is a waste for your precious summer!

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